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As a practitioner/someone looking to join this industry...
Are you facing prospecting problems in your financial advisory career?
Do you feel lost without a best-practices training program that brings continued success?
Have you ever wanted to differentiate yourself from the common-man advisor you find on the streets?
Have you always wanted to break into the High Net Worth and Business Owner Market?
Are you sick and tired of doing roadshows that cost a bomb but gives you little results?
Are you dissatisfied with your manager for their lack of support and continued training?
Do you want to be able to advise your clients on a whole range of brands, instead of being limited to a single insurer?
Are you looking for a leader that is able to guide your career progression and go further than your peers in this industry?

I want to look back on my career and be proud of the work, and be proud that I tried everything.

- Jon Stewart

Hi, I’m Kaiser Tan!

I understand the various fears and problems you might face in this industry, having joined this industry 4 years ago. I overcame all those obstacles to get to where I am today, which is why I’m raising a team to pass on these success strategies!
Getting new customers will always be a headache for all businesses! My current methods have worked well but I am also continuously trying on new methods so that my team members will be able to have a pipeline full of clients.
Our knowledge and competency is what set us apart from other practices out there and I have personally developed a 12 week program meant to accelerate your progression.
With our platforms and unique IT solutions, you will be elevated beyond the common-man advisor.
My numerous experience with the Business Owner and High Net Worth Market has readied me to educate my team on the various key points when dealing with this particular customer segment. These opportunities don’t come often and with my help, you will have a better time making them your clients.
At our platform, you will also have access to a whole range of insurers, investment platforms and other ancillary service providers, e.g. healthcare, legal, tax, accounting, F&B, that will make you a true one-stop solution for your clients.
Individuals who are also aspiring to form their own teams, will also be given special attention to enhance their abilities and set them up for this accelerated career path.

Meeting Kaiser Tan

What Others Say about Kaiser Tan

Despite his young age, my manager Kaiser is extremely knowledgeable in multiple areas and all of us in his team look to him as our pillar of support. He is also remarkably personable and ensures that our welfare is well taken care of. Most importantly, his approach to financial advisory is entirely different from others I have encountered, giving me and my colleagues the confidence to go further than the rest in this industry.

Joe Lee
Financial Services Consultant

I have known Kaiser for many years, and he is a down to earth individual with extensive knowledge in various fields of finance. Even with his family background, he is still driven and prioritises his clients and consultants to make sure they are served best. His attitude and clear vision help to motivate the entire team to strive for the better and push us to become better than we thought we could be. The team works hard not to just achieve success for ourselves, but more importantly to value-add everyone who we come across in our work.

Ivan Lim
Financial Services Consultant

Working with Kaiser has been really energising. He is not selfish with his knowledge and is very willing to share his experiences with the entire team. He doesn’t allow things to get mundane, always making sure that our learning and working experience is enjoyable. The team is an embodiment of the age-old cliché of “work hard, play hard”. It is this team culture and his propensity to give me confidence in my abilities, that allowed me the leap of faith to switch from my old corporate job to this industry.

Eddie Oh
Financial Services Consultant

Personal Sharing at Manulife FA's Career Opportunity Program Seminar

Holding a seminar talk for startups with my senior partner at Spaces, a co-working space

Me leading a investment forum for my branch

Celebrating new partnerships with my off-shore clients

Kaiser is interested to know more about your career goals, and he'll like to share a unique proposition in terms of a career in financial advisory. Before you roll your eyes, hear him out!

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